Quality Nanny Services Miami

Types of  Quality Nanny Services Miami

Quality Nanny Services Miami

Our Quality Nanny Services Miami include standard as well as special nanny services and housekeeping

Elite Nannies on Call offers a wide range of quality nanny services Miami. These include standard nanny services as well as special services as autism or newborn specialists as well as housekeeping.

Full Time Nanny Placement

A full time Nanny has made a commitment to the family for a specific and extended period of time (most commitments are for one year with the option of continuing beyond that point).  A nanny’s primary responsibility is to care for children. Children’s laundry, transportation, meals, education, development, bathing, and up-keep of the children’s belongings and areas are all well within the scope of a nanny’s job. A nanny is responsible for anything relating to the children during her work hours.

They tend to all the needs of their charges. They shop for healthful foods and plan and cook tasty, nutritious meals. Nannies see that the breakfasts and lunches they serve are not only well-balanced, but also appealing to the children. At mealtime, they teach table manners. Nannies wash the children’s breakfast and lunch dishes, and clean up the kitchen or dining room. When caring for infants, Nannies prepare formulas and soothe babies.  As a rule, nannies do not cook for the family, but some do start dinner preparations.

Planning safe amusement, both indoors and out, is a large part of the work of Nannies. They devise and play games suitable for the ages of their charges. They help youngsters learn to play alone and teach them how to get along with others. All Nannies read to their children; some sing. They soothe the hurt feelings of older children. They make children feel secure while their parents are away from home.

Nannies do not do general housework. They do pick up after the children. They teach their charges to take care of their own belongings. They discipline the children in ways that follow the wishes of the parents. Nannies drive the children to lessons or to appointments. They may also take over car pool duties. Sometimes Nannies run errands. When the whole family takes a trip, the Nanny often travels with them.

Nannies serve as role models. They have good manners, use correct grammar, and show sportsmanship. Their example helps children grow to be productive and happy adults.

Part Time Placement

A part time Nanny works on a regular schedule but usually 29 hours or less per week. A Part time Nanny is hired for a specified time frame that is permanent and long term.  Part time  Nannies are responsible for any aspect relating to the children while they are working.  These nannies have also made a commitment to the family for a specified long period of time. They work on a schedule and play an important role in the family.

Temporary & On Call Nannies

Do you need to attend a corporate meeting while in town with your family but don’t want to leave your children in the hotel unsupervised? Do you need a hotel babysitter for your best friend’s wedding who is requesting no children to attend to their ceremony or reception?  Are you and your partner in need of a “date night” and have no back-up Nanny to care for your little ones?

Our On-Call Nannies will come to your hotel and/or home and provide child care or even take your children site seeing in South Florida. Our On-Call Nannies can take your children to the Children’s Museum, Parrot Jungle, or to the beach- you tell us and we will oblige. Please go to Hote Babysitter/ On Call Childcare Placement for more information.

Elite Nannies On Call temporary nannies provide professional childcare to families on a short-term basis. Clients use this service when they are in-between nannies, still deciding on a long-term childcare solution, need a nanny to accompany the family on vacation, or need coverage for several weeks or months. A temporary nanny can be booked for several weeks or months on a part-time or full-time basis.

Temporary nanny’s hourly salary is $15-$20 per hour, depending on the childcare provider’s level of experience and the number and ages of children. Rate is determined at the beginning of the search.

Newborn Specialist/ Baby Nurse

A Newborn Specialist is a highly trained individual specializing in the care of newborns. Our Newborn Specialists are prepared and dedicated to providing outstanding in-home or hospital stay services. Once your little one arrives home with you, our Newborn Specialist will assist the entire family with the everyday care of your new baby/babies. A Newborn Specialist can be responsible for the following duties and more:

  • Feeding, bathing, and changing your infant
  • Preparation of bottles and washing/cleaning/sterilizing
  • Routine development for meals, napping, and play time
  • Sleep training and development
  • Development of social and interactive activities that can stimulate brain development and provide comfort
  • Assuring a safe environment
  • Lactation support
  • Overnight care to enable you to get your rest
  • Advising and providing any requested consultation and support on parenting issues and infant needs
  • Baby related errands

A Newborn Specialist assures a smooth transition for you, your family, and your precious newborn.

Our focus as your Newborn Care Specialist is to reassure you as new parents and make your transition to parenthood as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Nobody will ever parent your child as well as you will, and we want to help get you off to a good start.

Contact ELITE’s Newborn Services today for more information about Newborn Care Specialist “Baby Nurse” services.

Corporate Backup Childcare Services

The Elite Value Proposition:

Increasingly, companies recognize that offering backup childcare is a win-win proposition. What do employers gain from offering child care programs?

  • Reduced turnover
  • Improved performance
  • Positive morale
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • More flexible scheduling
  • A recruitment tool
  • Employee advancement opportunity
  • Improved public image

Which means?

  • Positive return on investment
  • Positive impact on bottom line

According to the Families and Work Institute study, in a three-month period, 29% of employed parents experienced some type of family care breakdown (school holidays or closures, sick children, unreliable caregivers and more), which resulted in absenteeism, tardiness, or reduced concentration at work.

HR Magazine estimates that American businesses lose $68 billion annually due to employee absences.

Corporate Backup Childcare Childcare is Easy to Implement:

With one phone call, an employee has access to a professionally screened and trained pool of in-home Nannies who will come to the employee’s home on short notice.  In-home backup childcare is available 24/7. Employees call us when their children are mildly-ill, during vacations and holidays, when they have to work overtime or on weekends when their regular caregiver is temporarily unavailable.

The backup childcare benefit can also be extended to provide:

  • On-site group childcare during meetings or on days when schools are closed;
  • Nanny placement services to help employees who need to hire a new permanent caregiver;

Corporate sponsored backup childcare is a benefit that is becoming a business imperative in forward-thinking companies.

Ask us how we can help you implement a Corporate Backup Childcare Program (305) 771-3816 or (954) 319-4441


Offsite Nanny for Family Events

Elite Nannies On Call will come to your venue of choice with all the tricks of the trade to entertain your children for as long as you’d like. Wherever you would like us to be, we are there!  We will try our best to accommodate your wishes just let us know what they are.

Our placement fee includes age appropriate movies, books, arts, crafts and games. We as well have nannies that are certified to work with special needs children.

Traveling Nanny

Elite Nannies On Call  is an exceptional child care company for traveling families. We are experts on children on the go. Take along a professional travel nanny and experience vacations that are carefree and relaxing for all involved, especially your little angels.

Elite travel nannies go through the same rigorous background checks as our other placement nannies.  Travel nannies have passports so that they can travel to any destination.

Nannies are available to work up to twelve hours per day. Families are responsible for airfare, ground transportation, all meals, and accommodations. Nannies can be responsible for up to three children at a time (age depending).

Rates per day: $275.00 to the Travel Nanny for up to two children in one registered family; $300 for up to 3-4 children in one registered family/ $50 per day to Elite Nannies On Call, the Agency.  Nannies are available to work up to twelve hours per day. Families are responsible for airfare, ground transportation, all meals, and accommodations.

Personal family nannies sometimes are unable to accompany the family due to green card issues. Elite Nannies can provide a reliable holiday sitter without travel restrictions, as all sitters have valid passports. Nationally, Elite Nannies have travelled with families to Aspen, Vail, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Our nannies have travelled internationally to such exciting locales as Antigua, Spain, Italy, St. Barths, Turks & Caicos, France, and Switzerland!

Regardless of destination, normal daily and hourly rates apply. Families are responsible for sitter’s travel, room and board expenses.

Short Term/ Temporary Nanny – Agency Placement Fee:

Residential Temporary Placement Fee is 15% of employee’s salary for a 1-180 day temporary assignment (minimum $1,200). The agency guarantees the same employee for the entire requested temporary assignment time frame. For assignments of 30 days or fewer, On-Call Booking Fee for registered Families is $35 for residential and hotels orders applicable for every day booked  and $50 for non-registered Families.  Temporary nanny’s hourly salary is $15-$20 per hour, and is separate from the agency placement fee and is payable directly to the nanny.

Short Term/ Temporary Nanny Placement Fee Includes: 
– Childcare provider selection and introduction
– Extensive Background Check
– Guarantee for selected period of service

To start your search: 
Review our Placement Process.
Fill out our Family Application and sign the Client Agreement. We will contact you within 4 business hours.

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