Newborn Care Miami

Elite Nannies Newborn Care Miami

Newborn Care Miami is getting more and more important. So Elite Nannies On Call announces the official launch of their Newborn Care Miami Services Division.

This Newborn Care Miami – division provides experienced newborn specialists and baby nurses who can help families needing physical and emotional support when a newborn baby is first brought home.

Our Baby Nursesand  Newborn Specialists assists your family with various services that focus on the newborn baby, such as caring for baby/babies needs (feeding, bathing, sleep schedules, maintaining supplies), providing breastfeeding or lactation support and being a general resource for the parents and family.



The Newborn Care Miami Nurse and Newborn Specialist

A Newborn Care Miami Specialist/ Baby Nurse is a highly trained individual specializing in the care of newborns. Our Newborn Specialists are prepared and dedicated to providing outstanding in-home or hospital stay services. Once your little one arrives home with you, our Newborn Specialist will assist the entire family with the everyday care of your new baby/babies. A Newborn Specialist can be responsible for the following duties and more:

  • Feeding, bathing, and changing your infant
  • Preparation of bottles and washing/cleaning/sterilizing
  • Routine development for meals, napping, and play time
  • Sleep training and development
  • Development of social and interactive activities that can stimulate brain development and provide comfort
  • Assuring a safe environment
  • Lactation support
  • Overnight care to enable you to get your rest
  • Advising and providing any requested consultation and support on parenting issues and infant needs
  • Baby related errands

A Newborn Specialist assures a smooth transition for you, your family, and your precious newborn.

According to the Founder, Thalya Olmos , “I realized there is a need for Newborn Services when I recently had my first child seven months ago. At Elite Nannies On Call we make the conscious effort to make a significant difference in the lives of all the children and families whom we serve. In order to reach out to the population of new mommies out there such as myself, we implemented this new division that is dedicated to families of newborns babies and their services to help in this beautiful life changing transition.”

Elite Nannies On Call states that it is their hope and belief that education and understanding of a child’s development can provide a powerful tool in making the significant changes in a child’s life, a life that parents allow Elite Nannies and Elite Care Specialists to be part of.

Our focus as your Newborn Care Specialist is to reassure you as new parents and make your transition to parenthood as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Nobody will ever parent your child as well as you will, and we want to help get you off to a good start.

Contact ELITE’s Newborn Care Miami Services today for more information about Newborn Care Specialist “Baby Nurse” services.