Nanny Services and Unique Selection Process

Our Nanny Services are revolutionizing the nanny industry while empowering families whom will serve.

 Special Care Nanny Services we provide:

  • Special Care Nanny Service Full Time – Live In or Live Out
  • Part Time & Short Term Special Care Nanny Serices
  • Newborn Specialists/ Newborn Care Services
  • On Call & Temporary Nannies
  • Hotel Child care/ Hotel Babysitting in Miami
  • Off-site Child care (for family events)
  • Corporate Childcare
  • Traveling Nanny
  • Overseas Nanny / International Nanny Placements

The Difference of our Special Care Nanny Services:

Most nanny services agencies will complete the matching process over the phone or through email. We find this too impersonal and an ineffective way to create a sustainable and quality match.

Once we throughly discussed with you your needs in your nanny search you may meet with one of our representatives who would get to know you and your family, your routines, special parts of your life, and anything that is important to you regarding the care of your children. Our goal is to find the perfect match the first time and to develop a relationship with your family that will last a lifetime.

Elite Nannies / Specialists use the information we gather during our assessment and/or “first visit” to implement caring strategies specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your child.


The Selection Process of your Special Care Nanny

Elite Nannies on Call uses advanced recruitment methodologies in order to attract, recruit, and hire only the best and highly qualified career nannies, college graduates, and educators.

Only a few and far between nannies have the capability to be called an Elite Nanny.

Elite Nannies On Call conducts a thorough candidate and family interview prior to presenting a family with those candidates who best meets their individual needs and interests.

We screen Nannies for various characteristics such as: reliability, consistency, honesty, pride in work well done, motivation, and promptness. Our nannies as well must possess warm, loving, patient and nurturing characteristics.

The experience and training of each candidate is scrutinized to ensure their background matches the needs of your child/ children. Elite Nannies specifically look for behavior modification strategies, special needs training, discipline techniques, and goal setting styles.

  • Extensive Interview with one of our Elite Representatives
  • Skills Evaluation
  • Background Check that includes –County & Federal Criminal History Search as well as Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Employment, Education, and Credential Verifications
  • Reference Checks

All registered candidates will excel through our screening process sign a nondisclosure/ privacy agreements because we care and respect the privacy of our families.

Continual Ongoing Support

Once your “Exceptional Nanny” has been placed, Elite Nannies On Call continues to nourish our relationship with you, the Family.  We continually follow through to confirm that your choice was the “Best Fit”.  As well, you will also receive our monthly newsletter updating you on our community alliances, upcoming training seminars, and topics regarding child rearing and development to provide open communication techniques with you and your “Elite Nanny”.  Why go anywhere?

Please go to our Nanny Placements page for more detailed information

**If you are an “Exceptional Nanny” looking for a career within Elite Nannies On Call, please click here.

We at Elite Nannies On Call, truly want to contribute to your child’s development.  We do not take likely you trusting us in caring for your little prince/ princess.  Elite Nannies On Call invests in their Nannies so they can not only excel in their profession but grow as a Caregiver and contribute to a community as a whole,  our children the future.  Who is an “Elite Nanny”?

The Elite Nanny

The future of a child’s development depends on a society’s ability to foster health & well-being to nourish all children to become tomorrow’s citizens, workers, leaders, and parents.

Elite Nannies On Call makes the conscious effort to make a significant difference in the lives of the children and families whom we serve.

All Elite Nannies are required to receive first aid and CPR training.