How our process works?

We at Elite Nannies On Call understand how difficult it is to find  your Nanny Miami to care for your family.  We are mindful of your needs and concerns and for that reason alone our mission is to provide families with Nannies who have trainings and specializations in child development and/ or child psychology.

Communication and discipline is not something you do to a child but something you develop within them. It is our hope and belief that education and understanding of a child’s development can provide a powerful tool in making the significant changes in a child’s life, a life that you as a parent are allowing Elite Nannies to be part of.

For Special Needs placement process please click here.

Step I: Please fill out our online family application form.  This application is crucial as it collects information regarding your family and your family’s needs.

Step II: As soon as we receive your online family application, one of our “Elite Representatives” will contact you to discuss further your needs in detail.  A Family Profile is put together in order to assist us in best matching you with one of our qualified and experienced “Elite Nanny”.

Step III: If desired, following the first initial contact from one of our Elite Representatives, an interview may be scheduled with the Family in order to meet face to face and confirm desired interests in one of our specialized Nannies.

Step IV: After speaking and/or meeting with one of our Specialists and discussing your family and child’s needs, placement fees, and any other questions, your matching process begins. Your $200 nonrefundable process fee becomes payable to Elite Nannies On Call. For your convenience we do accept MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX.  This fee will be used towards your final placement fee once you choose to hire one of our “Exceptional Nannies”.  THIS FEE IS NOT SEPARATE FROM THE PLACEMENT FEE and will be deducted once a Candidate is selected and agreed upon. This fee will be used towards your final placement fee once you choose to hire one of our “Elite Care Specialists”.

Placement Fees are as follows: Full-time positions and part-time positions:

  • The Standard Placement Fee-  Families can use this service to hire a part-time or full-time nanny. You interview candidates and select the perfect nanny for your family. All nannies are fully-screened. You set the schedule, pay rate and job duties. The Standard plan offers two choices: part-time and full-time. Full time includes a courtesy 6-month replacement policy and Part time includes a 3-month replacement policy. Placement fee: part-time $1,495 or full-time $1,695.
  • The Guarantee Option Placement Fee- Families that want to hire a part-time or full-time nanny, but also want the assurance of an Guaranteed replacement policy for the year.  You interview candidates and select the perfect nanny for your family. All nannies are fully-screened. You set the pay rate, schedule and job duties.This plan is perfect for families that want the assurance of an  employee replacement policy.  Please note: this plan is for each consecutive staff hire.  If multiple, concurrent staff is required, a placement plan would be requested per employee. Placement fee: $2,500.

For Short term and Special Needs Division Placements, Agency fees are 10% of the candidate’s Total Gross Annual Compensation.

These Fees are a one time, which also covers any replacement needed within the first 180 days of service. Elite Nannies is always available to answer questions and provide consulting services to families throughout the entire employment of Nannies/ Care Specialists.

Step V: Once we have identified at least 3 “Elite Nannies” (you may interview as many as you’d like), you will receive an “Elite Nanny Profile” per Nanny for your review.  This profile is a summary of our pre-screened nanny with detailed information such as Psycho-Social Assessment, Resume, References.

Step VI: You tell us which “Elite Nanny” you would like to meet and we will set up face-to-face interview times that are to your convenience in your home.  Elite Nannies On Call strongly suggests for you to spend as much ample time as possible getting to know our “Elite Nanny”.

Step VII: If you and our “Elite Nanny” find mutual interests a work agreement will be drafted for both parties.  This basic agreement provided to you by Elite Nannies On Call and we require you to review, complete, and sign.  This agreement covers salary, expenses, time off, etc.

Step VIII: The placement fee, assessed according to placement and as provided to you prior to process beginning, is made payable to Elite Nannies On Call.

Step IX: Your exceptional “Elite Nanny” begins work We at Elite Nannies On Call stand behind and believe our services are the best in the field of childcare placement.  Our extensive expertise in Human Resources and Client Services, particularly with families in the education foreground, allows us to provide exceptional quality of service and reliability.   Why risk receiving less than ONLY THE BEST tailored to you and your family’s needs?

Registration with our agency entitles you to:

  • Unlimited access to our staff
  • Unlimited resumes
  • Professional screening
  • Professional work agreement
  • Tax/payroll and insurance information

Professional Work Agreement

Many important details, if left undetermined at the time of hire, can cause a family to lose an excellent candidate. This comprehensive work agreement will guide you through all negotiations with your hire including: job description, benefits, policies, concerns, salary, commitment length, legal issues, and more. Background checks include:

  • Social Security verification
  • Complete address verification
  • Multiple criminal court checks- State, National, County
  • Driving record search- all counties Candidate has resided
  • Drug testing available on site (at your request)

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