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Top Family Hotels & Resorts in Miami- Hotel Babysitters Miami

  Elite Nannies On Call, rated number one Miami nanny agency, offers in-room hotel babysitters and provide families with safe, convenient, as needed child care.  Trust in our service and quality for your little ones.  Whether you are staying in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, or in Palm Beach, Fl, we can help you find an…

Miami Moms. Here are the top 10 Tips for Improving Your Child's Reading Skills.

Tips for Improving Your Child’s Reading Skills – Miami Moms

Miami Moms Parents and Nannies in Miami here are some tips on how to improve a child’s reading skills.  Nothing is more important to academic achievement than being a good reader. Parents know their children best and can provide the one-on-one time and attention that will lead them to success in reading. Here is a list of ways to help your children become more effective readers.

Screening Hearing Loss Children- Parents & Nannies in Miami

Elite Nannies On Call Rated Top Nanny Agency in Miami, Nannies in Miami <h2>Screening Hearing Loss in Children </h2> A hearing loss can happen when any part of the ear is not working in the usual way.  This includes the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, hearing (acoustic) nerve, and auditory system.  Hearing loss can vary…