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Your Special Miami Nanny

Looking for a permanent, part-time or short term Miami nanny solution? Elite Nannies On Call helps South Florida families finding their extraordinary and uniquely qualified Miami nanny for their needs.

Our Miami Nanny Service has been rated Best  Miami Nanny Agency by CBS-4Miami!

Miami Nanny Services available as:

We also place

We are the only Nanny Agency in South Florida with  a special needs Autism division.

All Elite Nannies and Staff provide unique expertise & knowledge on each of our services.  We are particularly providing 1-to-1 family plans where we specialize in recruitment and selection of “ONLY THE BEST” Miami Nanny” to meet the needs of every individual family.  We make the entire process safe and convenient by only providing you with qualified, screened child care professionals..  Contact Us Now for More Information

Our Miami Nanny screening process

Includes a psychological assessment and structured behavioral interviews. Elite Nannies On Call leads the industry by providing the most selective, comprehensive and detailed screening process that coincides with our unique one to one individualized nanny referral service. We are also the first Miami Nanny Agency  to actually train their Nannies in child development/ child psychology.

  1. Extensive In-Person Interview
  2. Psychological/ Behavioral Evaluation
  3. Skills Evaluation
  4. Background Check that Includes –County, State, & National Criminal History Search as well as Sex Offender Registry Search, Social Security Verification, Address Verification, and Driver’s License Verification.
  5. Employment, Education, and Credential Verifications
  6. Reference Checks

As stated by the Founder of Elite Nannies On Call, Ms. Thalya Olmos,

The future of a child’s development depends on a society’s ability to foster health & well-being to nourish all children to become tomorrow’s citizens, workers, leaders, and parents. 

This is how we run Elite Nannies On Call, with this notion in mind, as our overall mission in providing our services.

For more information regarding childcare placement plans please Contact Us or call (305)771- 3816 in Miami-Dade or (954) 319-4441 in Broward.

Elite Nannies On Call is a specialized agency based in Miami, FL .l We have also branches in Broward and the Palm Beaches who provides services at superb standard of quality and reliability to private families, top hotels, film industry clients and industry leaders.


Elite Nannies Nanny Service Miami

Nanny Service Miami

Our Nanny Service Miami availabe for: On Call, Full-, Short-Term and Temporary Placement; Special Needs Placement (Autism & Similar Disorders); Off-Site Childcare, Newborn Specialists, Hotel Babysitter, Live In and Live Out and more Nanny Service Miami!


Looking for “EXCEPTIONAL” childcare placements at superb standard of quality and reliability? Look no future. We are revolutionizing childcare placements by making an investment in your children, the future of tomorrow.
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Our Special Nannies

Elite Nannies are specifically trained in areas such as developmental psychology, Applied Behavioral Analysis, etc.  We combine highly effective training seminars which results in nannies who may provide frequent opportunities for children to develop within themselves the intrinsic motivation that satisfies the inner self. Our special nannies services Miami: On Call, Full- and Short-Term, Newborn Specialist, Live In and Live Out, Hotel Babysitter, Special Needs Autism division, 24-hour Baby Specialist and more. Our thorough and superior screening includes a psychological assessment and structured behavioral interviews. This is why Elite Nannies On Call leads the industry by providing the most selective, comprehensive... read more

Contact Nanny Miami

Questions about your nanny miami or our "EXCEPTIONAL" childcare placement services? Don´t hesitate to contact us! Elite Nannies On Call offers 24 hour/7 days a week regular and special services like newborn care, autism care specialists, bilingual nannies, on-call and hotel nannies and more. You need only a housekeeper for some daily routine work and / or keeping an eye on your pet? No problem at all! Contact Elite Nannies on Call today - you won't be disappointed!
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Wonderful service from Thalya and her team, your nannies are exceptional in every way, where would I be without you?

Great option for parents living in the Miami area, as the childcare services are first class and pricing is quite reasonable as well.

We have used Elite Nannies on Call for 2 years now, outstanding friendly service and a commitment to communication makes then the best!

Elite Nannies on Call placed a nanny for my niece in less than a week, the placement was perfect for us and we could not be happier.